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Can I use your FREE API on my commercial website?

Yes, you can use our FREE APIs on your commercial websites and apps, as long as you do not violate the terms and conditions of the respective API packages. Please check the documentation of the individual API endpoints for their API request limits and fair use policies.

Do you use any other IP Geolocation service provider’s data?

IP Geolocation
BigDataCloud uses proprietary, patent-pending Big Data-driven technology to determine usage localities of all active IP addresses worldwide. It does not use or rely on any other commercial or open-source IP geolocation data.

Is your free client-side reverse geocoding offer here to stay?

Reverse Geocoding
Yes! BigDataCloud is here to stay, and our amazing industry's first free client-side reverse geocode offer is here to stay too! We promise to do our utmost best to ensure the offer stands as long as we can.
Faq IP Geolocation
Our Hazard Report, a cybersecurity metrics set, provides both reactive and our highly innovative proprietary proactive approaches. The reactive approach continuously checks the IP addresses in the most popular and trusted blacklist sites like, and Spamhaus. ...
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Faq Reverse Geocoding
The geographical location information available on BigDataCloud API is based on a proprietary designed dataset and ultrafast geo-resolver technology. We do not make use of third-party search engines, such as Nominatim.We would like to acknowledge and thank the following organisations and data sources for taking an important part in our data building process:...
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