Why is BigDataCloud's Reverse Geocoding API Free?

Reverse Geocoding turns geographic coordinates into easily recognisable location names or details. It's crucial for many online services that rely on location insights. While companies like Google charge up to $0.005 per request and have usage limits, BigDataCloud offers a unique proposition.

Our Client-Side Reverse Geocoding API is completely free. No hidden costs, rate limits or volume caps. Sounds too good to be true? We often get asked, "What's the catch?"

The Straightforward Answer

When you use our service, you give us the most accurate geographic coordinates from the user's device, and in turn, we detect the IP address in use. This pair - a coordinate and an IP address - is invaluable to us. It powers our one-of-a-kind IP Geolocation accuracy report. By comparing real-time data with various IP Geolocation databases, we generate a Daily IP Geolocation Accuracy Report. This data also enhances our IP Geolocation service algorithm.

We've purposely built this service without the need for an API key, prioritising user privacy. An IP Address or GPS location is deemed Personal Identifiable Information (PII) only when connected to a specific individual or organisation. As we never access such specific data, what we receive is entirely anonymous. We stress: we aren't keen on knowing the individual users behind the devices using our services.

The Deal

The deal is straightforward: you supply us with anonymous IP geolocation data, and in return, you get top-notch reverse geocoding at no charge. It's a win-win for everyone.

Many are curious about how long we'll maintain this free offer. Our commitment is rock solid. As long as you provide up-to-date and precise coordinates for your users, we vow to offer this service for as long as we're in business. Rest assured, no restrictions will ever be applied.

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