How to not get IP banned while using our Free Client-side Reverse Geocoding API?

The Free Client-side Reverse Geocoding API has been designed for exclusive use on the client side, in strict compliance with the fair use policy. Any breach of this rule could lead to an IP address being banned from accessing the API, thereby preventing the use of any of BigDataCloud's free APIs.

If your IP address is banned, you'll receive a 403 error message indicating the IP ban, along with a suggestion to contact to have the ban lifted. The error message may also indicate a previous IP ban from our system, in which case we recommend getting in touch with us for assistance.

Error Message:

{"status":403,"description":"this endpoint does not support server-side operations. use '/data/reverse-geocode' endpoint instead. your ip address XXXXX  is now banned. To lift the ban email“}

It's crucial to abide by the fair use policy to ensure the ongoing availability and reliability of the Free Client-side Reverse Geocoding API.

Fair Use Policy

  1. This API should only be used to convert the current geo-coordinates (latitude and longitude) obtained with permission from the client's device.
  2. Converting pre-stored or other client instances' geo-coordinates is prohibited.
  3. The coordinates should only correspond to the calling client device's best-known and current location, obtained from client-dependent geolocation services such as GPS or WiFi positioning systems.
  4. For web projects, you can use the HTML5 geolocation API, while for mobile and other IoT devices, make use of their respective client SDKs.
  5. The API call must originate from the client-side, where the geocoordinates are retrieved.
  6. It's not allowed to retrieve the coordinates from the client-side and transmit them to a different server or client for data processing. Therefore, the API should only be called from the client-side, where the geolocated coordinates are available, to ensure compliance with the fair use policy.

Alternative Solution

If you're unable to adhere to the fair use policy for your specific use case, our server-side reverse geocoding API can be a suitable alternative. It provides the same outcomes as the client-side reverse geocoding API and offers 50,000 free monthly queries. To access this API, you must create an account and obtain an API key.


Contact support

If you have any further queries, feel free to contact our email support on our contact us page .


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