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*New Feature Update: Free client-side reverse geocoding API with IP geolocation fallback

Next-Generation IP Geolocation Technology and API Patent Pending

  •  Industry’s first fully scientific IP Geolocation. Patent pending
  •  Provides confidence area in addition to conventional location estimation
  •  Superior Geolocation accuracy
  •  Lightning-fast API (sub-millisecond typical response time)
  •  High-quality locality information included for increased value


IP Geolocation APIs

IP Geolocation is an essential technology that overcomes this limitation to help organisations identify the location of their customers based on their IP addresses



Geocoding APIs

Our Reverse Geocoding API is the first to deliver administrative/non-administrative boundaries-based results and as such, it is the perfect choice when you need to resolve a user's practical area such as their city, state or country rather than their street address


Country Info APIs

An extremely simple and lighting fast way of retrieving useful information about the countries your customers are originating from



Network APIs

Get the most up-to-date, extended network information for an individual IP address or a CIDR range. Explore for the active BGP prefixes, RIR registry data and Autonomous Systems (AS) involved


AS Info APIs

Get extended information about any Autonomous System (AS) in the world including BGP activity, ranking and the most active operational area geolocation



Time Zone APIs

Retrieve extended information about active time zones based on a provided IP address or known location


Insights APIs

Get useful IPv4 address space monitoring insights, RIR distribution, TOR exit nodes geolocation and more with a simple RESTful API



Client Info APIs

Ever wondered how to get your own public IP address or user agent info programmatically, reliable and for free? Check out these simple yet powerful APIs


Phone Number APIs

Quick and easy way to verify and format a phone number at the point of entry. This is an essential, must-have tool for any eCommerce or CRM implementation



Email Verification API

Quick and easy way to drastically reduce email address typing errors at the point of entry. This is an essential, must-have tool for any eCommerce or CRM implementation