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BigDataCloud stands at the forefront of IP geolocation technology, offering the world's most accurate services thanks to our unique and patented approach. Our sophisticated algorithms cater to a wide range of sectors, including eCommerce, advertising, finance, SaaS, and CRM systems. By integrating our unparalleled precision, exceptional speed, and cost-effective solutions, your business can significantly enhance user interactions, supercharge marketing efforts, and streamline operations, all while leveraging the transformative power of precise location intelligence.

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Scalable and powerful APIs built for modern enterprises

BigDataCloud’s IP intelligence technology provides essential APIs for building a modern consumer platform at an affordable cost without compromising coverage, accuracy and speed.

Industry leading 99.999% SLA

Industry-leading 99.999% SLA

Always up-to-date, unprecedented update rates

Always up-to-date, unprecedented update rates

Ultra-scalable, billions of queries per day ready

Ultra-scalable, billions of queries per day ready

Disruptive technology

Disruptive, patented technology

Closer to you - geolocation routing

Closer to you - geolocation routing

Flexible and affordable pricing

Flexible and affordable pricing

All in one GraphQL API – everything you need in a single query!

Lightning-fast API response time

Fully featured free for a moderate use

Fully featured free for moderate use


Deliver accurate and fast content localisation

BigDataCloud uses propriety patented technology to resolve users' location with their IP address. The API provides comprehensive location and network data for your business to make an informed decision, and deliver a personalised user experience.

The package contains all the essential IP geolocation APIs required for your web or mobile applications. You can also view our Industry's First Daily IP Geolocation Accuracy Report.

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Turn coordinates into addresses

Our Reverse Geocoding API is the first to deliver administrative/non-administrative boundaries-based results and as such, it is the perfect choice when you need to resolve a user's practical area such as their city, state or country rather than their street address.

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Verify any phone or email globally

Quick and easy way to verify email addresses and phone numbers at the point of entry. This is an essential, must-have tool for any eCommerce or CRM implementation to ensure valid customer data.

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Get access to rich network data

Get the most up-to-date, extended network information for an individual IP address or a CIDR range. Explore for the active BGP prefixes, RIR registry data and Autonomous Systems (AS) involved.

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Get access to several FREE APIs

Get started with your next-gen customer-centric platform using essential BigDataCloud APIs for FREE. Implement some of the most advanced APIs like IP Geolocation, Reverse Geocoding and Client Info.

You can immediately implement the API endpoints without the need for account creation.

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