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Founded in 2018, BigDataCloud Pty Ltd is a highly innovative start-up company, which operates internationally from our headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia.

After years of previous experience in e-commerce, fraud protection and targeted international marketing, the BigDataCloud founders identified an immense lack of high-quality, fast and affordable APIs within this and other technical industries.

It has been our driving focus to provide our community with the facilities that modern companies demand - exceptional experiences for their customers in an affordable way, without compromising their privacy.

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“Know your customer”

- this is the most common challenge e-commerce developers and marketing agencies are facing.

What geographical area are they coming from? What browser/system are they using? Have they made a mistake filling in their phone, email or address details? This absolutely vital information should be available immediately during the customer experience.

These are critically important for providing improved and more targeted services, seamless real-time input validation and fraud control. Some of these answers can be determined locally and programmatically, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Other abilities require external services such as APIs.

The APIs that are currently available for commercial use are usually too slow, adding a very significant load time. More importantly, they are too expensive or complicated to use. The team at BigDataCloud made an early decision to endeavour to provide the best possible solution to that end - precise, fast and affordable APIs that do exactly what you expect and need.

Where to start?

IP Geolocation was identified as the first significant challenge and the area for the greatest improvement over existing services. Through long experience, we know only too well that the services offered by the past and current generations of IP Geolocation providers are simply not good enough. They are unreliable, inaccurate, too expensive to use in most cases and most importantly, unbelievably slow.

The BigDataCloud network and infrastructure engineers started to work on a much-improved IP Geolocation solution back in 2016. After an extensive and comprehensive research & development phase, BigDataCloud is now the proud home of The Next Generation in IP Geolocation (patent granted) – the first true daily-updated system with an extremely fast API offering much-improved geolocation accuracy.

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BigDataCloud's IP geolocation

Dig deeper

To see our IP geolocation service in action, you can visit our What Is My IP page to get a fast, detailed demonstration of the data on offer.

For a more detailed look at the IP Geolocation APIs we offer, as well as other exceedingly useful APIS, please visit: Ip Geolocation APIs.

To read more about the current state of IP Geolocation in the industry, please head over to our Blog article: IP Geolocation Demystified.

To read more about how BigDataCloud is revolutionising the IP Geolocation field, please check out our Blog article: The Next Generation IP Geolocation Service.

Check out our Industry's First Daily IP Geolocation Accuracy Report.

Where to from here?

IP Geolocation was just the start, more great industry shakeups are on the way – Stay tuned!


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