Free Reverse Geocoding Javascript API Client

Welcome to our Javascript API Client for interacting with our Free Client-side Reverse Geocoding API!

For web applications, mobile application containers, e-commerce, CMS and standard websites, our Javascript API allows you to perform API actions on the front end, without any server-side interaction required.

This client operates independently of any JavaScript dependencies and does not require an API key or account credentials.

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Example usage

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
	  /* Initialise Reverse Geocode API Client */
    var reverseGeocoder=new BDCReverseGeocode();
    /* Get the current user's location information, based on the coordinates provided by their browser */
    /* Fetching coordinates requires the user to be accessing your page over HTTPS and to allow the location prompt. */
    reverseGeocoder.getClientLocation(function(result) {

    /* Get the administrative location information using a set of known coordinates */
        latitude: -33.8688,
        longitude: 151.2093,
    },function(result) {

    /* You can also set the locality language as needed */

    /* Request the current user's coordinates (requires HTTPS and acceptance of prompt) */
    reverseGeocoder.getClientCoordinates(function(result) {

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