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How to not get IP banned while using our Free Client-side Reverse Geocoding API?
The Free Client-side Reverse Geocoding API has been designed for exclusive use on the client side, in strict compliance with the fair use policy. Any breach of this rule could lead to an IP address being banned from accessing the API, thereby preventing the use of any of BigDataCloud's free APIs....
What is API Key Propagation?
The BigDataCloud API is built as an ultra-scalable, truly enterprise-level system, capable of handling virtually any volume of queries.To ensure optimal availability and broad geographic coverage, we've developed a decentralised network of API servers. With each query, the nearest available API server responds, ensuring ultra-reliable and low-latency service....
Getting Started with BigDataCloud's Premium APIs
To access BigDataCloud's premium API offerings, simply create an account and obtain an API key.Creating an Account:Click the "Sign Up" button located at the top right of our website.Follow the straightforward registration steps....
What are the BigDataCloud API error codes?
Here are the error codes from BigDataCloud API, each with its corresponding name and an example of an error description.CodeNameExample error description400Bad RequestBad Request.401Bad CoordinatesInvalid coordinates. Expecting Latitude in (+/- 90) and Longitude in (+/- 180) range values....
When can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription any time of the month. However, the changes will be effective only from the next billing date.
What payment methods does BigDataCloud support?
BigDataCloud currently supports all major credit cards.

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