Enhancing IP Geolocation Accuracy for ISPs and ASNs

Accurate IP geolocation is pivotal for delivering a seamless online experience to users. While many platforms, such as news, social networks, and e-commerce sites, depend on precise geolocation data, it's the responsibility of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) to ensure its accuracy. Any missteps can lead to user dissatisfaction and increased customer complaints.

BigDataCloud's Approach to Geolocation

BigDataCloud offers a solution to this challenge with its unique, patented technology. This system actively pinpoints the locations of all IP addresses globally. By merging diverse data sources and employing a proprietary network discovery technique, it can accurately determine the geographical regions of all public routers that form the backbone of global internet connectivity.

Unlike traditional methods that rely on static location assignments, BigDataCloud's approach ensures that every IP address undergoes daily and automated recalculations or re-estimations.

Best Practices for ISPs and ASNs

To further enhance geolocation accuracy, ISPs and ASNs can follow this best practice checklist:

  • Avoid using private IP addresses on public-facing network router interfaces.
  • Announce all public IP addresses of your network routers via BGP.
  • Configure public network router interfaces to respond to standard ICMP echo requests, following RFC 792 guidelines.
  • Maintain RIR inetnum objects with up-to-date information in the "geoloc:" attribute. If unavailable, link to your self-published Geofeed data in the Google Public Geo-feed format or publish your Geofeed records according to the "Finding and Using Geofeed Data" draft guidelines.

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