Canadian Geographic Codes FAQ: Understanding CSD Codes with BigDataCloud API

What are CSD codes?

CSD (Census Subdivision) codes are a set of numeric codes used to uniquely identify geographic areas within Canada. They are part of Canada's geographic hierarchy and are used for various statistical and administrative purposes. The number of digits in CSD codes can vary depending on the province and level of geography.

Where can I find CSD code output using BigDataCloud API?

You can find CSD code output for Canadian locations on the following BigDataCloud API endpoints:




Can you provide an example of the CSD output?

Sure! Here's an example of the FIPS object output for Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia:

 "csdCode": "1206008",

Please note that while the actual CSD code is a three-digit code in the Standard Geographical Classification, BigDataCloud API provides the full 7-digit CSD code for convenience and accuracy. This single 7-digit code incorporates all the necessary information: the first two digits represent the Province/Territory code, the following two digits represent the Census Division code, and the final three digits represent the specific CSD code. By providing the full 7-digit code, users can directly extract the Province/Territory and Census Division information without the need to manipulate separate codes, ensuring a straightforward and efficient process for obtaining accurate geolocation data.

We hope this clarifies any questions you may have about CSD codes and their usage with BigDataCloud API. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to reach out to us!

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