Subnets for BGP prefix
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Range From216.60.28.64
OrganisationUS flagAT&T Corp.
Range From216.60.28.128
OrganisationUS flagCareer Centers of Texas-El Paso
Range From216.60.28.160
OrganisationUS flagFt Bliss Federal Credit Union
Range From216.60.28.192
OrganisationUS flagAT&T Corp.
Range From216.60.30.0
OrganisationUS flagRegion 19 - Education Service Center
Range From216.60.30.128
OrganisationUS flagAerus Electrolux
Range From216.60.30.144
OrganisationUS flagAT&T Corp.
Range From216.60.30.160
OrganisationUS flagFred Loya Insurance
Range From216.60.30.176
OrganisationUS flagRay, Valdez, McChristian
Range From216.60.30.192
Range To216.60.31.7
OrganisationUS flagAT&T Corp.
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