Subnets for BGP prefix

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Range From216.27.168.0
Range To216.27.168.7
OrganisationUS flagGTT
Range From216.27.168.8
OrganisationUS flagAIT Worldwide Logistics
Range From216.27.168.16
OrganisationUS flagThrift Books
Range From216.27.168.24
OrganisationUS flagDoor To Door Storage
Range From216.27.168.32
OrganisationUS flagNovogradac & Company LLP
Range From216.27.168.64
OrganisationUS flagSamaritan's Purse
Range From216.27.168.96
OrganisationUS flagDepew Orthodontics
Range From216.27.168.104
OrganisationUS flagBernard Hodes Group
Range From216.27.168.112
OrganisationUS flagGTT
Range From216.27.168.120
OrganisationUS flag649019
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