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Diagram showing partial JSON output of BigDataCloud's FREE API.

Free API Package Features

Fast response time

Fast Response Time

Lightning-fast (sub-millisecond) API response time

No API key required

No API Key Required

No API key or account creation required to access the API

Commerical usages

Commercial Usages

Can be used in both commercial and non-commercial usage

Unlimited queries

Unlimited Queries

No rate limit or restrictions on the API calls - Unlimited queries

Fastest reverse geocoding

Fastest Reverse Geocoding

Convert the user’s current real-time geocoordinates to the readable address on the client-side with IP lookup fallback (note: client-side restriction)

Rich locality info

Rich Locality Info

Access rich locality information from user’s geocoordinates 

Proxy detection

Proxy Detection

Get the user’s current IP address with a proxy, mobile, bot detection and user's roaming status

Device detection

Device Detection

Access user’s public device OS and browser information

Free API Package Benefits

Improve user experience

Improve User Experience

Deliver content personalisation and campaign optimisation without breaching GDPR laws or user privacy with BigDataCloud’s client-side reverse geocoding API. The API is well suited for building location-aware mobile apps and websites.

secure way to build location-aware apps

Secure way to build location-aware apps

Avoid exposing your API key to the public through your website as these free APIs do not require any API keys or authentications.

better customer targeting

Better Customer Targeting

With device and connection detection, build a personalised and engaging web experience with targeted marketing messages.