Pioneering Precision: BigDataCloud's Revolutionary IP Geolocation Solution Earns U.S. Patent!

Pioneering Precision: BigDataCloud's Revolutionary IP Geolocation Solution Earns U.S. Patent!

BigDataCloud October 30, 2023


In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, geolocation technology plays an indispensable role. We're super excited and thrilled to announce that we've marked a significant milestone in our journey towards refining and redefining this technology: our 'IP Geolocation' technology has been officially patented by the U.S. Patent Office!

Innovating Geolocation: More Than Just Coordinates

BigDataCloud's patented technology marks a transformative development in digital positioning. Unlike conventional geolocation services, our solution promises enhanced accuracy, security, and data depth, setting the stage to revolutionise industries and elevate user experiences.

Why Does This Patent Matter to Global Industries?

Securing a U.S. patent validates the uniqueness of our technology, affirming its distinction in an era where traditional IP geolocation methodologies fall short. Existing solutions in the market tend to provide superficial data, resulting in imprecise services, compromised user experiences, and missed business insights. Although cost-effective, these standard services frequently deliver outdated or too broad location data, falling short of current industry demands for precision and reliability.

Our approach departs from these outdated methodologies.

  • We non-intrusively discover the entire routable IP address space, unveiling all the public 'postage' routes globally.

  • We record and classify all detected global router interfaces.

  • Then, utilising a relatively small number of IP addresses with known geolocations (field evidence data), we gauge the actual service area for every identified router interface.

  • Ultimately, by understanding the nearest router interface and its expected service area, we can estimate the likely location for every accessible IP address worldwide.

  • We are the only IP geolocation provider that provides comprehensive accuracy measures of the data by providing an active region where the IP address may be operating using the latest ground truth and network data.

Read more about our technology in our blog post: Next Generation IP Geolocation Service

By focusing on accurate geolocation, businesses can circumvent the drawbacks of inaccurate data, pushing their services to meet and exceed the contemporary consumer's expectations. It's more than progression; it's about setting a new industry benchmark.

Empowering Industries: Beyond Just Technology

Earning this patent underscores our dedication to innovation—it's not just about crafting superior technology; it's about sparking a paradigm shift. We foresee a world where companies, regardless of scale or sector, can maximise geolocation, boosting efficiency, safeguarding security, and intensifying user interaction.

Imagine a logistics company preventing package misrouting, an e-commerce platform providing region-specific offerings, or a financial institution strengthening its fraud detection systems—all these become realities with our precise geolocation technology.

Join the Geolocation Evolution

We're not just participants in this industry; we're trailblazers, and we extend an invitation for you to join us in redefining what's possible with geolocation. As we further refine our technology, we anticipate the myriad advantages it will confer across various sectors worldwide.

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We're just getting started, and your support fuels our innovation. Together, let's navigate the future of precise geolocation.