New Feature Update: Get geolocation data in the local language of the area by default

New Feature Update: Get geolocation data in the local language of the area by default

BigDataCloud July 18, 2022


One of the key benefits of using IP geolocation or Reverse geocoding service is delivering effective content localisation for your application or marketing websites. 

BigDataCloud’s geolocation APIs already support 148 different world languages used across the world. You can request the data in any preferred language, as long as the data in the requested language is available. 

Previously, if you wanted geolocation data in the local language of the area, you had to make multiple API calls. 

Now, with the new feature, if you change the localityLanguage parameter to 'default', the output will be automatically localised. The main benefit of the feature is to increase your website/application speed by reducing the number of API calls and additional. 

For example, the following API call will return data in the Korean language as the IP address belongs to Korea, whose ISO Admin language is Korean (KR).

Here are the three different input parameters for the localityLanguage:

  1. empty - Selects English (en) language by default.
  2. 'default' - the requested value will automatically adjust the language to the official administrative language in the country.
  3. Any preferred language in ISO 639-1 format, such as 'en', 'es' etc.

Please note that if the requested language is unavailable for a requested location, it will default to English. If no English variant is available, the API will provide the native, local names.

This automatic language adjustment feature is now available on all geolocation APIs, including Country by IP and Geocoding APIs.

Try it now and if you have any queries or doubts, please contact us at