IP Geolocation Data Updates for Apple iCloud Private Relay

IP Geolocation Data Updates for Apple iCloud Private Relay

BigDataCloud October 10, 2022


We have updated our Hazard report metrics to include Apple's iCloud Private Relay service. The new metric iCloudPrivateRelay determines whether the requested IP address was detected as an Apple iCloud Private Relay address.

iCloud Private Relay is a new internet privacy service that Apple offers its iCloud+ subscribers. The service hides the IP address of an end user. It allows users to use the internet more privately and securely.

However, the service is not intended to be used for bypassing geo-restriction. It maintains the end user's original location information.

"Private Relay preserves the region the user is in, so your server can trust the region assigned to the IP address it sees. By default, connections are also associated with the city closest to the client, allowing your content to remain relevant.."

More details about the service are available on Apple's Developer website.

The new metric is available in all the BigDataCloud's IP geolocation APIs where the hazard report is included, such as:

How can we use this new metric?

The iCloudPrivateRelay metric has important implications for security and fraud detection. Apple has stated in their documentation that they have taken all measures to ensure that the users with the iCloud Private Relay are authentic Apple device users. The metric can ensure that legitimate users are correctly classified.

Furthermore, as it preserves the end user's city-level location information associated with the IP address, it can still assist in serving localised content.