AS11686 ENA
Education Networks of America

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BGP Active Prefixes API
Range From96.4.0.0
Range To96.4.7.255
Range From96.4.8.0
Range To96.4.15.255
Range From96.4.16.0
Range To96.4.31.255
Range From96.4.32.0
Range To96.4.63.255
Range From96.4.64.0
Range To96.4.127.255
Range From96.4.128.0
Range To96.4.159.255
Range From96.4.160.0
Range To96.4.167.255
Range From96.4.168.0
Range To96.4.171.255
Range From96.4.172.0
Range To96.4.173.255
Range From96.4.174.0
Range To96.4.175.255
Range From96.4.176.0
Range To96.4.191.255
Range From96.4.192.0
Range To96.4.255.255
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