Email Address Verification API


Email is one of the most underrated customer engagement channels. Many email marketers, sales professionals and customer care team struggle with the quality of their customer email ids. As a result, businesses are losing sales and marketing opportunities. 

One of the common reasons is the poor email validation check during account signup or lead generation stage. Many form validation methods only check the syntax of the email address. But, the email verification requires more than syntax check. 

Our Email Verification API designed to render fast and straightforward email verification check. The API provides the following validation:

  • Full standard compliance syntax check
  • Full domain part check including mail servers configuration check
  • Checking against knowing abusive email domains and accounts list
  • Check if the email address is disposable or not

You can learn more about our process and get a deeper understanding of email verification methods on our blog.

Example Response

The response is only available in JSON format. The below response should be expected for the following request:

Awaiting request submission...

API Pricing

  1. Monthly Subscription
    FREE 1,000 queries/month
    Additional 1,000 queries US$1.00/month
  2. Annual Subscription
    FREE 1,000 queries/month
    Additional 1,000 queries US$0.80/month

Request Format

NEW! Payload compression is supported, simply add Accept-Encoding: gzip header.
Use the form below to try out this API.

Parameter Your Input Value Description
emailAddress Email address to verify
key Your API key

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The live query

CURL Example

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' ''

Visit our SDK page to access API clients in specific languages like Javascript, Python + PHP.


Awaiting request submission...

Response Format


Data type




Input data



Indicates the verification result



Determines whether the requested value matches the pattern of a valid email address



Determines whether the requested email address’s domain is configured to receive emails



Indicates whether the requested email address’s domain is known as sending spam emails out



Indicates whether the requested email address is disposable