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Use Neural Networks to Find the Best Words to Title Your eBook – Data Science Central


The eBook business is thriving. The likes of Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, and Google eBookstore all provide a robust variety of channels by which to publish any eBook on any subject you could think of.  Amazon generates an average of 1.07MM in eBook paid sales volume, which translates to about $5.8MM in revenue, every day.

A huge community of eBook followers exist due to its proven model to generate passive income for good writers. There are many great writers out there, but why is it sometimes difficult to generate the expected revenue in the market? The key to real success for capable, passionate writers is preparation and research. You have to know the market and current trends.

Maximizing Potential

It is not enough for writers come up with a topic they are interested in, start drafting and writing what they feel most passionate about, get published, then sit back and reap the benefits of their efforts. There are many websites that offer advice and recommendations on how to get into the eBook publishing business, but it boils down to good old fashioned market research and audience targeting to drive attention and trigger those sales.

Many tools and utilities are available to aid writers research their subjects of choice and understand keyword search volume. They also reveal how much competition exists for those subject areas you’re writing about, and what the reading public is clamoring for. At what price point are customers willing to pay for the eBook?

When you think about the purchasing behavior of eBook readers, they would normally go to their favorite eBook stores, type in the relevant keywords, and start browsing through the hundreds, if not thousands of eBooks out there. If your eBook does not appear in the first or second page of the most relevant search results, your chances of being noticed are slim. Consumers will always try to go for the most relevant, most interesting, most popular, most highly rated, most favorably reviewed, and most inexpensive eBook with the best value they get their hands on. Sounds daunting right?

The eBook market is saturated with all the popular topics, so one needs to be more creative in their approach on the entire eBook publishing process. Do not start writing a word until an understanding of how the market will react is clearly achieved.

Business of eBooks

There is an interesting market psychology that drives the eBook market. The savviest writers are great marketers first, excellent wordsmiths second. If one’s intent is to purely follow their passion and write something they truly care about with the prospect of generating income as a second thought, then no amount of market research will convince the author to sway from his or her prime directive. However, if you’re like most people, you would want to not only write something you really care about, but also try to maximize the potential of earning passive income while you’re doing it. And why not? This mindset has been prevalent especially in this generation as more Baby Boomers are in or close to their retirement periods. Many feel compelled to follow their passion more, and at the same time find ways to supplement their retirement income. Writing and publishing eBooks has been one of these passive income generators that a lot of people vie for, but sadly, not many succeed.

Source: Use Neural Networks to Find the Best Words to Title Your eBook – Data Science Central

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