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hack.summit() on Feb 22-24 – FREE ADMISSION

hack.summit() is the largest developer event in history with over 64,000 attendees. It will be held on February 22-24 2016.

The event raises money for coding non-profits, such as Women Who Code and Code for America. Big Data Cloud is a proud partner for this event geared towards helping coding non-profits.

The speakers list is probably the best lineup ever assembled at a developer event. For example, the creators of Ruby on Rails, Google Glass, StockOverflow, Trello, Drupal, Agile, Extreme Programming, Test Driven Development, Apache Storm, Heroku, and many more are speaking.

hack.summit() is offering unlimited free tickets to each member of Big Data Cloud community so they can learn from the best from the comfort of their home.

You can learn more about the event at
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