Free Reverse Geocoding API for mobile and web applications

BigData Cloud provides the industry’s most accurate and responsive free client-side reverse geocoding API.

BigDataCloud Free Client-side Reverse Geocoding API

Convert  GPS coordinates into a readable address

Reverse geocoding is a process of converting geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) into a human-readable address (such as country, state, city, and postal code ) with a high level of accuracy.

The reverse geocoding API is commonly used in location-based web and mobile apps. The most common use cases are hyper-localised content, customer/ads targeting, geoblocking, online games, mobile asset tracking, business intelligence, online fraud detection/security and many more.


Use cases of the Client-side Reverse Geocoding APIs

Use case of the client-side
Content Localisation

Increase your user engagement and conversion by localising your web content based on the location of the user.

Use case of the client-side
Customer Targeting

Deliver high converting campaigns and messaging by optimising the promotion based on the location of the customers.

Use case of the client-side
Location-based Online Campaigns

Increase your campaign engagement by delivering location-based interactive digital content and messaging.

Use case of the client-side
Digital Ad Platforms

Build an efficient location-based ad network to deliver hyper-local ads and campaigns.

Use case of the client-side
Payment Fraud and online security

Use accurate location data from the user to detect online fraud or suspicious activities.

Use case of the client-side
Digital Content Protection and Regulation

Geoblock your digital content and avoid digital data theft and breaching copyrights rules in different regions.

Use case of the client-side
Compliant with state law

Customise your digital content or service functionalities based on the user's location to adhere to different state laws and protect your business from legalities. Especially for online games, content and digital services.


Why BigDataCloud?

BigDataCloud’s reverse geocoding API uses unique geocoding methods to derive super accurate rich locality information from a point location coordinates at a submillisecond response time.

The geocoder is the first to deliver administrative/non-administrative boundaries-based results. This makes the API a perfect fit for determining locality areas such as a suburb, city, state or country, rather than a street address.

BigDataCloud’s reverse geocoding API is much faster compared to other providers and has excellent support even for less populated areas.

Reverse Geocding API

Key Features of Free Client-side Reverse Geocoding API

Reverse Geocoding API


Free Client-side Reverse Geocoding API

The Free Client-side Reverse Geocoding API is the only reverse geocoding API in the market that is free to use without any throttling or query limitations.

The API is best suited for resolving your customer’s current latitude and longitude coordinates into a readable address on the client side.

Fast Response Time

Fast Response Time

Unprecedented fast response time (sub-millisecond) and no rate limiting

Language Support

Language Support

Provides detailed locality information of a user in 147 common world languages

Postal Code

Postal Code

Full postal code level accuracy for the US, Great Britain, and Australia (partial for other countries)

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Full global coverage, including seas and oceans

Superior Accuracy and High Data Granularity

Superior Accuracy and High Data Granularity

Delivers Administrative/non-administrative boundaries-based rich locality data. The geocoder data is updated weekly, while the IP Geolocation data is updated daily.

Unique IP geolocation fall-back

Unique IP geolocation fall-back

In absence of geo-coordinates, the API will automatically use the client’s IP address for the location. It is backed up by the world's most accurate next-generation IP Geolocation technology (patent pending)

Better than 99% availability

Better than 99.999% availability

Enterprise-grade redundant infrastructure. Operated from eight geographically diverse data centres across the globe

Friendly with GDPR

Friendly with GDPR and GDPR-like privacy laws

The client-side implementation of the API makes it a favourable option for businesses to identify their users in the most privacy-friendly manner possible.

Free Forever

Free forever

There is no contract, no hidden fees, and no account required. The free client-side reverse geocoding API can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. However, our Fair Use Policy should be met.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Responsive email customer support to help you successfully implement the API.

Technical Benefits

Better User Experience
Deliver Better User Experience

The blazingly fast response time, combined with the high-quality accurate location data, allows you to deliver location-based features on mobile or web with no compromise on data quality.

Better User Experience
Deploy location features in no time

There is no need for an API key or account creation in order to use the API. This makes it super easy to implement on your project and worry less about API key security.

Better User Experience
Build Privacy Friendly Apps

The client-side implementation of the API enables you to process user’s location data on the client’s device making your application GDPR compliant and more secure.

Do more with a single API

When the user does not share their geographical coordinates with your app or website, the API automatically uses the client’s IP address to resolve its location. This reduces the need to implement additional APIs and logic in your system. The API can become a useful extension of existing web and mobile geolocation APIs.

BigDataCloud Ipgeolocation API


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