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ApiDoc Insights Country Info
The Country Info API offered by BigDataCloud delivers speedy, precise, and up-to-date comprehensive information regarding a country's ISO-defined names, languages, currencies, calling codes, and flags, in addition to standard region names and income levels defined by United Nations and World Bank. ...
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ApiDoc IP Geolocation Free
The main purpose of this API is to cater to the needs of iOS app developers who need to track the roaming status of their applications. It achieves this goal by cross-referencing the device's GPS location with its IP Geolocation (which is derived from the IP address). When the user's IP address indicates that they are outside the country, the API identifies them as roaming....
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ApiDoc Reverse Geocoding Free
This free Client-side Reverse Geocoding API is the fastest and most straightforward way to convert your user’s real-time geo coordinates (latitude/longitude) into detailed locality information, on the client side.You can easily implement it with a browser's HTML5 geolocation API or a mobile phone's location services. If the user doesn't share their location, the API will automatically utilise BigDataCloud's superior IP geolocation technology to offer the most accurate location data based on the user's IP address....
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ApiDoc IP Geolocation User Agent
The IP Geolocation API delivers our most precise assessment of the country, comprehensive location details, and highly detailed network properties. BigDataCloud IP Geolocation API utilizes our proprietary patent-pending Next Generation IP Geolocation technology to achieve the highest level of IP Geolocation accuracy theoretically possible. If you're interested in exploring the theoretical limits of IP Geolocation accuracy, we encourage you to read our blog post titled ...
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ApiDoc IP Geolocation Country Info
The IP Address Geolocation with Confidence Area API is based on the same data and accuracy as the IP Geolocation API, but with an additional layer of information on top - the Confidence Area.The Confidence Area is an essential feature of the IP Address Geolocation, providing a list of coordinates that define a closed polygon representing the maximum possible service area where an IP address could be located. This information is based on the historical allocation of IP addresses by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and the network topology....
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