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Deep Learning with Emojis (not Math) – tech-at-instacart

Sorting shopping lists with deep learning using Keras and Tensorflow.

Shopping for groceries is hard.

Stores are large and have complex layouts that are confusing to navigate. The hummus you want could be in the dairy section, the deli section, or somewhere else entirely. Efficiently navigating a store can be a daunting task.

At Instacart, our customers can order millions of products from hundreds of retail partners. Our fleet of tens of thousands of personal shoppers must find these items at thousands of store locations. We are always looking for opportunities to enable our shoppers to move faster.

Shopping with Deep Learning

Enter Deep Learning

By observing how our shoppers have picked millions of customer orders through our app, we have built models that predict the sequences our fastest shoppers will follow. Then, when a shopper is given a new order to pick, we use this predicted fastest sequence to sort the items for them.

Source: Deep Learning with Emojis (not Math) – tech-at-instacart

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