FREE Am I Roaming API


This API is specifically designed for iOS developers who require an active roaming status within their iOS applications.

This API works by comparing the IP Geolocation (based on the IP address) of the device against it's GPS position. If the user is detected as being physically outside of the country, as determined by their IP address, they are deemed to be roaming.

Example Response

The response is only available in JSON format. The below response should be expected for the following request:

Awaiting request submission...

API Pricing

  1. Am I Roaming API
    Unlimited queries

Request Format

NEW! Payload compression is supported, simply add Accept-Encoding: gzip header.
Use the form below to try out this API.

Parameter Your Input Value Description

Latitude value as per WGS 84 reference system (GPS system). Expected values are in [-90, 90] range.


Longitude value as per WGS 84 reference system (GPS system). Expected values are in [-180, 180] range.

The live query

CURL Example

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' ''

Visit our SDK page to access API clients in specific languages like Javascript, Python + PHP.


Awaiting request submission...

Response Format


Data type




Roaming estimate result

Data Objects



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