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Announcing real-time Geospatial Analytics in Azure Stream Analytics | Blog | Microsoft Azure

We recently announced the general availability of Geospatial Functions in Azure Stream Analytics to enable real-time analytics on streaming geospatial data. This will make it possible to realize scenarios such as fleet monitoring, asset tracking, geofencing, phone tracking across cell sites, connected manufacturing, ridesharing solutions, etc. with production grade quality with a few lines of code. The conn ...

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BMW’s vision for connected cars includes Cortana in your dash | Windows Central

BMW is at CES showing off a range of tech it envisions as part of a connected car experience. While the entire vision is a neat look into where BMW expects the near-future of connected, automated cars to go, one particular inclusion will stick out to Microsoft fans: Cortana. AS shown off as part of CES 2017 demo, BMW sees Cortana living in the car's dash to offer the same voice-activated assistance with whi ...

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Microsoft launches a new cloud platform for connected cars | TechCrunch

Microsoft isn’t building its own connected car — but it is launching a new Azure-based cloud platform for car manufacturers that want to use the cloud to power their own connected-car services. The new Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform will go live as a public preview later this year. “This is not an in-car operating system or a ‘finished product’,” Microsoft’s EVP for business development Peggy Johnson ...

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Microsoft bets on Apache Spark to power its big data and analytics services

Microsoft today announced that it is making a serious commitment to the open sourceApache Spark cluster computing framework. After dipping its toes into the Spark ecosystem last year, the company today launched a number of Spark-based services out of preview and announced that the on-premises version of R Server for Hadoop (which uses the increasingly popular open source R language for big data analytics an ...

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Introducing Azure Cool Blob Storage | Blog | Microsoft Azure

Data in the cloud is growing at an exponential pace, and we have been working on ways to help you manage the cost of storing this data. An important aspect of managing storage costs is tiering your data based on attributes like frequency of access, retention period, etc. A common tier of customer data is cool data which is infrequently accessed but requires similar latency and performance to hot data. Today ...

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How to Use Azure ML with Azure SQL Data Warehouse | Machine Learning Blog

In many machine learning projects, you want to consume training data coming from a relational database, and Azure ML has supported reading data coming from an Azure SQL Database (Azure SQL DB). Now, with the release of Azure SQL Data Warehouse (Azure SQL DW) many customers are moving their data warehouses to the Azure SQL DW service since it is a distributed database that is capable of processing massive vo ...

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FREE WEBINAR – Comparative Analysis of Cloud based Machine Learning Platforms

Machine Learning is seeing its day - every business in every domain is coming up with ways and means of incorporating Data Sciences for delivering business results. Answering the demands of the market, all major cloud vendors have released their own Machine Learning platforms to perform complex algorithms at the ease and scale of the clouds. This webinar discusses these platforms in detail while identifying ...

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Microsoft integrates Cortana and Power BI in an attempt to simplify big data analytics – TechRepublic

On December 1, 2015, Microsoft announced that the integration of Cortana with Power BI was now available in preview. In other words, customers can try the integration out if they want to, but it has not been rolled out to everyone just yet. Presumably, Microsoft wants to get some feedback on how well the integration actually works.Cortana and Power BIMicrosoft pitches Cortana as "your clever new personal as ...

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Global Predictive Analytics Conference – Dj Das Presenting

Global Big Data Conference's vendor agnostic Global Predictive Analytics Conference will be held on May 4th & May 5th, 2015 for all industry verticals. The Conference allows practitioners to discuss data management through effective use of data analytics.Large amount of data created by various mobile platforms, social media interactions, ecommerce transactions, and IoT provide an opportunity for busines ...

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Machine Learning Algorithm Mines 16 Billion E-mails | MIT Technology Review

Human e-mailing behavior is so predictable that computer scientists have created an algorithm that can calculate when an e-mail thread is about to end. Electronic mail plays a hugely important role in the lives of a large fraction of the world’s population. And yet, strangely, little is known about the way people use e-mail. How many e-mail conversations do people have? How long are these conversations and ...

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