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Low-Latency Access on Trillions of Records: FINRA’s Architecture Using Apache HBase on Amazon EMR with Amazon S3 | AWS Big Data Blog

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is a private sector regulator responsible for analyzing 99% of the equities and 65% of the option activity in the US. In order to look for fraud, market manipulation, insider trading, and abuse, FINRA’s technology group has developed a robust set of big data tools in the AWS Cloud to support these activities. One particular application, which requires low- ...

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Supercharge SQL on Your Data in Apache HBase with Apache Phoenix – AWS Big Data Blog

With today’s launch of Amazon EMR release 4.7, you can now create clusters with Apache Phoenix 4.7.0 for low-latency SQL and OLTP workloads. Phoenix uses Apache HBase as its backing store (HBase 1.2.1 is included on Amazon EMR release 4.7.0), using HBase scan operations and coprocessors for fast performance. Additionally, you can map Phoenix tables and views to existing HBase tables, giving you SQL access o ...

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HBase: The database big data left behind | InfoWorld

As the default database for Hadoop, you'd expect HBase to be more popular than it is, but its time may already have passed A few years ago, HBase looked set to become one of the dominant databases in big data. The primary pairing for Hadoop, HBase saw adoption skyrocket, but it has since plateaued, especially compared to NoSQL peers MongoDB, Cassandra, and Redis, as measured by general database popularity. ...

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How-to: Improve Apache HBase Performance via Data Serialization with Apache Avro – Cloudera Engineering Blog

Taking a thoughtful approach to data serialization can achieve significant performance improvements for HBase deployments. The question of using tall versus wide tables in Apache HBase is a commonly discussed design pattern (see reference here and here). However, there are more considerations here than making that simple choice. Because HBase stores each column of a table as an independent row in the underl ...

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Data Warehousing With Google BigQuery

Data warehousing and the resulting business intelligence are the basic necessities of business today. And today’s technologies makes it possible to have a sophisticated data warehouse up and running in the clouds at a price and scale that was never possible before.     This webinar showcases the reasons, ways and means of developing such modern day data warehouses using Google BigQuery.   ...

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Investing In Big Data: Apache HBase

The world is good at making data. You can see it in every corner of commerce and industry: everything we interact with is getting smarter, and producing a massive stream of readings, geolocations, images, and more. From medical devices to jet engines, it’s transforming every part of the modern world. And it’s accelerating! Salesforce’s products are all about helping our customers connect with theircustomers ...

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Innovative Big Data Application Optimizes Lead Conversions, built on the Google Cloud Platform – CASE STUDY

In the era of Big Data, many enterprise executives are struggling with the sheer volume of available data and how to transform all that information into intelligence they can use to make the best business decisions. Typically, they try to determine exactly what data is available and then apply it to a specific question or problem. Unfortunately, this is an ineffective strategy, returning only fifty cents on ...

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How to design an HBase data model for recommendations ⋆ DataCentric

Using HBase for storing recommendations After positive feedback to my talk at the VoxxedDays conference I was convinced to continue writing on the topic of recommendations. I decided to skip basic topics on HBase, like general description and architecture of the database, because there are tons of information on other websites. More detailed information is harder to find, so I decided to prepare practical t ...

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Altiscale’s latest cloud service brings Hadoop to business users | TechCrunch

Altiscale, a company that has always been about reducing the complexity related to using Hadoop, has taken that to the next level today with the release of Altiscale Insight Cloud, a cloud service aimed at making Hadoop accessible to business users.Altiscale Insight Cloud provides services for data ingestion, processing, analysis and visualization. That includes the ability to create interactive SQL queries ...

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The Netflix Tech Blog: Evolution of the Netflix Data Pipeline

Our new Keystone data pipeline went live in December of 2015. In this article, we talk about the evolution of Netflix’s data pipeline over the years. This is the first of a series of articles about the new Keystone data pipeline. Netflix is a data-driven company. Many business and product decisions are based on insights derived from data analysis. The charter of the data pipeline is to collect, aggregate, p ...

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