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Use Neural Networks to Find the Best Words to Title Your eBook – Data Science Central

Introduction The eBook business is thriving. The likes of Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore, and Google eBookstore all provide a robust variety of channels by which to publish any eBook on any subject you could think of.  Amazon generates an average of 1.07MM in eBook paid sales volume, which translates to about $5.8MM in revenue, every day. A huge community of eBook followers exist due to its proven model to ...

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AI’s transformative potential and what’s next … | News Center

Artificial intelligence holds the key to a new era of innovation, one where computers begin to work intelligently on our behalf rather than under our command. It’s an era where technology will become more intuitive, more conversational, more intelligent, will enable businesses to better know and serve their customers in ways previously unimaginable, and ultimately help solve some of the planet’s biggest cha ...

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Apache Spark @Scale: A 60 TB+ production use case | Engineering Blog | Facebook Code

Facebook often uses analytics for data-driven decision making. Over the past few years, user and product growth has pushed our analytics engines to operate on data sets in the tens of terabytes for a single query. Some of our batch analytics is executed through the venerable Hive platform (contributed to Apache Hive by Facebook in 2009) and Corona, our custom MapReduce implementation. Facebook has also cont ...

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Stochastic Depth Networks will Become the New Normal | Delip Rao

.. in deep learning that is. Update: This post apparently made a lot of people mad. Check out my next post after this :-) Everyday a half dozen or so new deep learning papers come out on ArXiv, but very few catch my eye. Yesterday, I read about “Deep Networks with Stochastic Depth“. I think, like dropout and batch normalization, this will be a game changer. For one, the results speak for themselves — in som ...

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The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Deep Learning on Spark

For the past three years, our smartest engineers at Databricks have been working on a stealth project. Today, we are unveiling DeepSpark, a major new milestone in Apache Spark. DeepSpark uses cutting-edge neural networks to automate the many manual processes of software development, including writing test cases, fixing bugs, implementing features according to specs, and reviewing pull requests (PRs) for the ...

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Improving First-Party Bank Fraud Detection with Graph Databases – Neo4j Graph Database

First-party bank fraud involves fraudsters who apply for credit cards, loans, overdrafts and unsecured banking credit lines, with no intention of paying them back. It is a serious problem for banking institutions. U.S. banks lose tens of billions of dollars every year to first-party fraud, which is estimated to account for as much as one-quarter or more of total consumer credit chargeoffs in the United Stat ...

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