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TensorForce: A TensorFlow library for applied reinforcement learning –

This blogpost will give an introduction to the architecture and ideas behind TensorForce, a new reinforcement learning API built on top of TensorFlow. This post is about a practical question: How can the applied reinforcement learning community move from collections of scripts and individual examples closer to an API for reinforcement learning (RL) — a ‘tf-learn’ or ‘skikit-learn’ for RL? Before discussing ...

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Google Spanner: Beginning of the End of the NoSQL World? – ACM SIGMOD Blog

Google has recently announced that its flagship wide-area database named Spanner has been made available on the Google Cloud. Google Spanner is the next generation globally-distributed database built inside Google and announced to the world through the paper published in OSDI 2012 [1]. This article explores the implication of Google Spanner, in particular to the NoSQL world. CAP Theorem: A Quick Recap The t ...

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Google adds new data analytics and database offerings | ZDNet

Google adds new data analytics and database offerings For the first time, Google is directly integrating its advertising services with the Google Cloud Platform. Google on Thursday rolled out new data analytics and database products, allowing Cloud customers to better manage and more fully exploit their data.First, the company is introducing a new data transfer service for BigQuery, its data analysis servic ...

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Google’s new cloud service eases data preparation for machine learning | Computerworld

Google's new cloud service eases data preparation for machine learning BigQuery gets a bunch of updates for big data, too One of the challenges that data scientists face when running machine learning workloads is processing information before it’s ready for use. Google unveiled a new cloud service Thursday aimed at easing that pain.Google Cloud Dataprep will automatically detect data schemas, joins, and ano ...

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Google Cloud and SAP forge partnership to develop enterprise solutions

San Francisco — Today, we’re announcing a new strategic partnership with SAP, focused on developing and integrating Google’s best cloud and machine learning solutions with SAP enterprise applications. This partnership, which includes certification of the in-memory database SAP HANA on Google Cloud Platform(GCP), new G Suite integrations, Google’s machine learning capabilities, and data governance collaborat ...

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A CIO’s guide to chatbots: Everything you need to know

Chatbots became a mainstream technology in 2016, so what do CIOs and their subordinates need to know about them this year? Chatbots officially hit the mainstream in 2016 with the news that the biggest online players, including Facebook and Microsoft, are embracing the technology. In contrast to chat-based bots of the past – those primitive agents often incapable of anything but pre-scripted spam advertising ...

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Google Cloud Platform Blog: Google Cloud Container Builder: a fast and flexible way to package your software

Google Cloud Platform Blog Product updates, customer stories, and tips and tricks on Google Cloud Platform At Google everything runs in containers, from Gmail to YouTube to Search. With Google Cloud Platform (GCP) we're bringing the scale and developer efficiencies we’ve seen with containers to our customers. From cluster management on Google Container Engine, to image hosting on Google Container Registry, ...

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Stacking up the cloud vendors: AWS vs. Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google, Oracle

It's not easy tracking the girth of public cloud providers amid run rates, as-a-service sales projections, and a lack of transparency. Here's how AWS stacks up against Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google, and Oracle. Amazon Web Services continues to lead the cloud pack as it delivered a 2016 operating profit of $3.1 billion on revenue of $12.22 billion, up from $7.88 billion in 2015. While analysts will fret about ...

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What do productivity, machine learning and next generation teams have in common? Google Cloud Next ‘17.

What do productivity, machine learning and next generation teams have in common? Google Cloud Next ‘17.  Google will host one its largest events ever — Google Cloud Next 2017. In the last year, the Google Cloud team has introduced some new products and solutions to help businesses face some of their biggest productivity problems. Next is our way of bringing together customers and partners under one roof to ...

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Why the Financial Sector in India is betting big on Chatbots

Why the Financial Sector in India is betting big on Chatbots Banking gets smarter with as Deep Learning and NLP technologiesHere’s a common scenario in the financial sector – high volume customer support tasks are being standardized and executed by chatbots or software applications that can be scaled up accordingly and are streamlining operations.  From insurance discovery, buying and renewal to handling da ...

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