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How IoT security can benefit from machine learning | TechCrunch

Computers and mobile devices running rich operating systems have a plethora of security solutions and encryption protocols that can protect them against the multitude of threats they face as soon as they become connected to the Internet. Such is not the case with IoT. Of the billions of IoT devices presently in use, a considerable percentage are sporting low-end processing power and storage capacity and don ...

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Oracle Seals Partnership With GE on ‘Industrial Internet’ – TheStreet

With General Electric's (GE - Get Report) earnings set to be rolled out before the opening bell Friday, the manufacturer announced a new partnership with Oracle (ORCL - Get Report) -- marking a major step forward in its so-called Industrial Internet.GE--which has been rapidly expanding its industrial base as it finishes winding down longtime lending arm GE Capital -- has more than tripled its partnerships t ...

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Dataflow/Beam & Spark: A Programming Model Comparison – Cloud Dataflow — Google Cloud Platform

With the programming model/SDK portion of Google Cloud Dataflow moving into an Apache Software Foundation incubator project, Apache Beam, we thought now a good time to discuss the unique features and capabilities that distinguish Dataflow from Apache Spark, from a strictly programming-model perspective. Dataflow is unique amongst data parallel systems in that it is built upon a comprehensive model for out-o ...

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Tom Siebel’s C3 IoT looks to expand, slay giants

Tom Siebel's C3 IoT has 20 customers, an Internet of things platform that is operating at scale and a penchant for taking on giants such as General Electric's Predix. Siebel, CEO of C3 IoT, has experience landing big accounts and taking on giants. At Siebel Systems, Siebel popularized CRM and then sold his company to Oracle. Before starting that effort, Siebel was among Oracle's best sales leaders. Those st ...

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Encrypt Your Amazon Redshift Loads with Amazon S3 and AWS KMS – AWS Big Data Blog

Have you been looking for a straightforward way to encrypt your Amazon Redshift data loads? Have you wondered how to safely manage the keys and where to perform the encryption? In this post, I will walk through a solution that meets these requirements by showing you how to easily encrypt your data loads into Amazon Redshift from end to end, using the server-side encryption features ofAmazon S3 coupled with ...

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Introducing Kafka Streams: Stream Processing Made Simple

I’m really excited to announce a preview of a new feature in Apache Kafka called Kafka Streams. Kafka Streams is a Java library for building distributed stream processing apps using Apache Kafka. It will be part of the upcoming Kafka 0.10 release and we’ve made a preview version available to make it easy to try out now. The Kafka Streams source code is available under the Apache Kafka project.A stream proce ...

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50 Useful Machine Learning & Prediction APIs

AlchemyAPI: Offers Artificial Intelligence as a Service. Use in transforming unstructured data into structured especially in social media monitoring, business intelligence, content recommendations, financial trading and targeted advertising. Alina: Machine learning as an intelligence-as-a-service provider. A live mashup that consumes Alina demonstrates the API's ability to use genetic algorithms and artific ...

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Datafloq – 6 Ways How Big Data is Driving Your Car

Forget the recent announcements about driverless cars, Big Data is hard at work in every aspect of the automotive industry. We are currently doing a lot of work with a number of automotive manufacturers, and I thought that it might be interesting to see where Big Data is having an impact on the cars that we are driving: Safety Many cars already incorporate parking sensors and crash prevention systems, but a ...

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Predictive policing: The future of law enforcement

As Dj Das, founder and CEO of Third Eye Consulting Services, sums it up, “For fighting crime and keeping every citizen safe, Microsoft has the most sophisticated cloud-based big data technologies stack, which can help police departments not only understand why and how crime occurs but also predict when and where it can happen. Powerful data analytics tools like Azure Stream Analytics and Azure ML, coupled w ...

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How Palo Alto Networks’ CMO is making prescriptive data analytics a reality – CMO Australia

Why this B2B marketing leader is spending more money on technology than the CIO and how he's using advanced analytics to drive customer engagement Customer analytics has always been an important part of B2C marketing, but B2B marketers have historically not been anywhere near as well equipped or informed, according to Palo Alto Networks CMO, Rene Bonvanie.“For the longest time, when we talked about marketin ...

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