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Artificial intelligence: how it’s transforming financial services today

Artificial intelligence: how it’s transforming financial services today. As customers and employees demand better and faster ways to engage, organisations are turning to digital technology to help them transform, remain competitive and grow. For many firms transforming business operations via technology means improving how they interact with — and meet — customer needs. In fact, customer experience represen ...

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Chatbots: Hype or the real deal?

Chatbots: Hype or the real deal? Are you considering implementing chatbot technology for your business? Columnist Matt Silk explains when this technology might be appropriate and whether or not you should buy into the hype. Last December, Starbucks announced “My Starbucks Barista,” a virtual barista for its mobile app that enables customers to place orders via voice command or messaging interface. This led ...

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A CIO’s guide to chatbots: Everything you need to know

Chatbots became a mainstream technology in 2016, so what do CIOs and their subordinates need to know about them this year? Chatbots officially hit the mainstream in 2016 with the news that the biggest online players, including Facebook and Microsoft, are embracing the technology. In contrast to chat-based bots of the past – those primitive agents often incapable of anything but pre-scripted spam advertising ...

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10 Ways AI Chatbots Will Change Customer Service | The Huffington Post

10 ways AI chatbots will bring about change to today’s customer service   1. Bots will free up time for humans to handle more complex situations.Since AI chatbots will have the ability to assist with rather simple quick response needs of the customer, it will give customer service representatives a chance to handle the even more pressing problems for its clients. If more high-touch interaction is requi ...

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Are ChatBots the missing link in online education?

Are ChatBots the missing link in online education? Create a valuable, location independent learning experience You can find a course for everything online, from French cooking all the way to microeconomics. In theory, online courses make education accessible to everyone. Find something that interests you or helps your career, sign up, and then learn from anywhere on your favorite device. The popularity of o ...

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