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Solar, wind, storage and big data: Why energy may soon be free : Renew Economy

Solar, wind, storage and big data: Why energy may soon be free By Giles Parkinson on 1 August 2016 Global investment bank Citi is predicting that the combination of near zero-variable cost energy sources such as solar and wind, along with smart analytics and “big data”, may deliver what the nuclear industry promised nearly half a century ago – free energy. “The notion of free energy came to prominence in th ...

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Review: The best frameworks for machine learning and deep learning | InfoWorld

Over the past year I've reviewed half a dozen open source machine learning and/or deep learning frameworks: Caffe, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (aka CNTK 2), MXNet, Scikit-learn, Spark MLlib, and TensorFlow. If I had cast my net even wider, I might well have covered a few other popular frameworks, including Theano (a 10-year-old Python deep learning and machine learning framework), Keras (a deep learning fro ...

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Google Cloud Platform Blog: Introducing Cloud Spanner: a global database service for mission-critical applications

Introducing Cloud Spanner: a global database service for mission-critical applications Today, we’re excited to announce the public beta for Cloud Spanner, a globally distributed relational database service that lets customers have their cake and eat it too: ACID transactions and SQL semantics, without giving up horizontal scaling and high availability. When building cloud applications, database administrato ...

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Microsoft’s New AI Writes Code For People Who Don’t Know Coding

DeepCoder is an artificial intelligence system built by the researchers at Microsoft and the University of Cambridge. Based on a technique called program synthesis, DeepCoder can write working code after searching from a huge code database. It tries to make the best possible arrangement for the harvested code fragments and improves its efficiency over time. We’ve about the very basic artificial intelligence ...

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4 challenges Artificial Intelligence must address

4 challenges Artificial Intelligence must address If news, polls and investment figures are any indication, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will soon become an inherent part of everything we do in our daily lives. Backing up the argument are a slew of innovations and breakthroughs that have brought the power and efficiency of AI into various fields including medicine, shopping, finance, news, f ...

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Why Voice Won’t Replace Screen Search 

Why Voice Won't Replace Screen Search With more than 30 million voice-first devices expected in U.S. homes before the end of the year, it’s no wonder there is so much buzz about voice, the user interface that will transform how brands and marketers engage with customers.There’s a lot of talk that companies need to prepare for a world where voice is the primary — or even the only — way consumers will interac ...

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How FICO scores big with cloud-based collaboration and data solutions – Microsoft Enterprise

Data rules everything around us. From traffic lights to medical records, those ones and zeros quickly dictate everything from the ads we see to the music we hear. As more and more organizations adopt big data strategies, we as consumers see exciting new innovations and solutions that leverage these possibilities. Smart phones, driver-less cars—this wave of data analytics brings the future to life in excitin ...

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SAPVoice: How to Solve IoT’s Big Data Challenge with Machine Learning

Machine learning will come of age this year, moving from the research labs and proof-of-concept implementations to cutting-edge business solutions. Along the way, it will help power innovations, such as autonomous vehicles, precision farming, therapeutic drug discovery and advanced fraud detection for financial institutions. Machine learning intersects with statistics, computer science and artificial intell ...

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Ethics — the next frontier for artificial intelligence | TechCrunch

AI’s next frontier requires ethics built through policy. Will Donald Trump deliver? With one foot in its science fiction past and the other in the new frontier of science and tech innovations, AI occupies a unique place in our cultural imagination. Will we live into a future where machines are as intelligent — or frighteningly, more so — than humans? We have already witnessed AI predict the outcome of the l ...

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Hadoop Still Beats Spark In These Cases | Bowen Gong | Pulse | LinkedIn

Summary There has been many talks about Spark replacing Hadoop in the big data space due to its speed and ease of use. While there are major benefits of using Spark (I am one of its advocates), it is far from a replacement for Hadoop for two reasons. One, Spark does not have the HDFS component. Two, Spark is not more scalable or fault-tolerant than hadoop. Spark Strengths Although this article is to show yo ...

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