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Big Data Cloud, is a not-for-profit organization for evangelizing to individuals and organizations about Big Data and Cloud technologies. Founded and operated by Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions, LLC, the organization is comprised of more than 4,200 members who are passionate about Big Data and the Cloud, both from a technology perspective and for networking purposes.

The meetup group meets every month in the Bay Area. The organization provides education, training, job listings, networking opportunities and insightful blogs, as well as monthly sessions and annual events. Big Data Cloud is devoted to help educate, and de-mystify these rapidly changing technologies to businesses, professionals and individuals.

Mankind has never seen so much data as it is seeing today. Big Data & Cloud Computing technologies are changing the way we conceptualize, design and develop business solutions. These two areas will soon become real technical domains with their own set of best practices, frameworks and industry solutions.

Big Data Cloud is doing its part to ensure that we all can contribute to this movement & become legitimate citizens of the world of Big Data & Cloud.

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Big Data Cloud is founded & operated by Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions LLC.

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