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Baidu employs the PaddlePaddle framework internally for prediction systems, along with Python to make training models and deriving predictions a snap

Many of the latest machine learning and data science tools purport to be easy to work with compared to previous generations of such frameworks and libraries.

Chinese search engine giant Baidu now has an open source project in the same vein: a machine learning system it claims is easier to train and use because it exposes its functions through Python libraries.

Baidu touted PaddlePaddle’s speech transcription in Chinese, either for transcribing broadcasts or as a speech-to-text system to replace keyboards in smartphones. The company claims it needed 20,000 hours of audio as training material to achieve these results with its framework.

PaddlePaddle’s core libraries are written in C++ for maximum speed, employing GPU and Intel SSE/AVX accelerations where available. The user can program directly to the C++ libraries, but PaddlePaddle provides a Python library, PyDataProvider2, that removes much of the heavy lifting from the training process.

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