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10 Ways AI Chatbots Will Change Customer Service | The Huffington Post

10 ways AI chatbots will bring about change to today’s customer service


1. Bots will free up time for humans to handle more complex situations.Since AI chatbots will have the ability to assist with rather simple quick response needs of the customer, it will give customer service representatives a chance to handle the even more pressing problems for its clients. If more high-touch interaction is required, a representative can easily come in and take over.

2. AI is learning and constantly growingSince the early 2000s, AI has lent its hand in various aspects of customer service. Initially, Live Chat was extremely popular, whereas bots would pull from pre-determined responses. As time passed, artificial intelligence advanced, so bots are now trained to “think” rather than just draw a response from a directory. This advancement in technology can aid in customizing bots, ensuring a unique customer service experience for a client.

3. Consistency is key in the chatbot worldHuman interaction can sometimes lead to inconsistent messaging to clients. If a client talks to one customer service representative they may get a different answer than if they spoke to another.  Chatbots help to eliminate this type of inconsistency. Since they are automated, they can answer questions the same each time, which creates a sense of trust between company and customer.

4. Chatbots never get tiredChatbots are, well, bots. This means they are essentially machines with artificial intelligence. Machines do not come with the same shortcomings as humans do, whereas it can usually effect the processes of customer service and lead to inconsistencies. Unlike humans, chatbots do not suffer from fatigue. Breaks don’t exist with chatbots. You can also be guaranteed each time that you are getting the most consistent customer service that isn’t tainted.

5. AI chatbots exist without emotionsEmotions, which are natural human responses, are taken out of the equation when it comes to AI chatbots. When a bot factors out emotions, a customer is sure to be receiving the most straight-forward interaction that is based purely on methodical solutions. Again, this helps the ability to get consistent interaction and performance than you would over a human worker.

6. Personality is better than looks (in this case)AI chatbots have advanced so much that they are now able to hold different types of personalities. This is ideal as various customer service engagements can work better with particular personalities. This also means that bots are now more highly customizable and better able to relate to their clients with ease.

7. Chatbots are naturals at marketingChatbots have the ability to tag certain words or phrases that they use during conversation. This tagging can allow content to be delivered when certain words or phrases are triggered during conversation. As we understand better the consumer’s journey, we may be able to advance this feature to program and map out marketing campaigns through content and chatbot conversations.

8. Cut costs with AI ChatbotsYour ROI by using chatbots can result in cost reduction and who doesn’t want that?  In contrast to human workers, bots do not need breaks, and once a process is learned, it sticks with them, no training necessary. Bots are more easily maintained and can be used for as long as needed. This initial investment in switching some of your customer service team over to AI can result in high savings in the long run.

9. Improve your overall customer satisfaction with chatbotsAnother important ROI when using chatbots is improving overall customer satisfaction. Bots are trained to delight and efficiently close the loop on customer processes. When customer service is done efficiently, more than likely you end up leaving the customer happy and more than willing to use your services again.

10. Delight your customers with self-serviceA lot of times customers prefer self-service over talking to an actual human representative. Though self-service in the world of customer service is not new, AI chatbots can help company’s excel in this arena. Through the combination of AI’s machine learning, a lot of customer support inquiries can be handled before customers actually turn to support, which in turn empowers the client to handle situations themselves.

AI Chatbots are doing a lot to advance our customer service practices today. Only time can tell how far we can take this new technology.

Source: 10 Ways AI Chatbots Will Change Customer Service | The Huffington Post

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