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Why the Financial Sector in India is betting big on Chatbots

Why the Financial Sector in India is betting big on Chatbots Banking gets smarter with as Deep Learning and NLP technologiesHere’s a common scenario in the financial sector – high volume customer support tasks are being standardized and executed by chatbots or software applications that can be scaled up accordingly and are streamlining operations.  From insurance discovery, buying and renewal to handling da ...

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Apache Beam and Spark: New coopetition for squashing the Lambda Architecture? | ZDNet

The nice thing about open source projects and standards is that there are so many of them to choose from. And on January 10, the Apache community welcomed Beam as its latest "top level" project (getting top level means your project has made it to prime time in Apache). Google traditionally kept its technology to itself, typically publishing research papers that the open source community would then reinvent ...

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Deep Learning on Databricks – The Databricks Blog

We are excited to announce the general availability of Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) and deep learning support on Databricks! This blog post will help users get started via a tutorial with helpful tips and resources, aimed at data scientists and engineers who need to run deep learning applications at scale. What’s new? Databricks now offers a simple way to leverage GPUs to power image processing, text analy ...

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Land O’Lakes maps out farming’s future with Google cloud | Network World

Farmers looking for ways to increase their crop output are using more technology and relying a little less on intuition. Farmers associated with Land O'Lakes, a dairy-focused, agricultural cooperative in Minnesota, are using online tools and apps to visualize their fields and to analyze the data in such areas as water management, seed placement and crop diseases. To do that, Land O'Lakes, known for producin ...

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33x Faster Queries on Google Cloud’s Dataproc

I'd like to thank Felipe Hoffa, Developer Advocate at Google and Dennis Huo, Tech Lead and Manager of Google Cloud's Dataproc for their research and insights they shared with me on getting better performance out of Dataproc. A few weeks ago I published a blog post outlining how to launch a 5-node Dataproc cluster on Google's Cloud service. In that post I hadn't taken the time to tune any table or storage ba ...

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Inside Capacitor, BigQuery’s next-generation columnar storage format | Google Cloud Big Data Blog — Google Cloud Platform

The “BigQuery under the hood” blog post gave an overview of different BigQuery subsystems. Today, we'll take a deeper dive into one of them — the storage system. We'll follow data as it's loaded into a BigQuery table.BigQuery supports several input formats — CSV, JSON, Datastore backups, AVRO — and when they're imported, data is converted into our internal representation. BigQuery uses a columnar storage th ...

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Dataflow/Beam & Spark: A Programming Model Comparison – Cloud Dataflow — Google Cloud Platform

With the programming model/SDK portion of Google Cloud Dataflow moving into an Apache Software Foundation incubator project, Apache Beam, we thought now a good time to discuss the unique features and capabilities that distinguish Dataflow from Apache Spark, from a strictly programming-model perspective. Dataflow is unique amongst data parallel systems in that it is built upon a comprehensive model for out-o ...

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Data Warehousing With Google BigQuery

Data warehousing and the resulting business intelligence are the basic necessities of business today. And today’s technologies makes it possible to have a sophisticated data warehouse up and running in the clouds at a price and scale that was never possible before.     This webinar showcases the reasons, ways and means of developing such modern day data warehouses using Google BigQuery.   ...

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Innovative Big Data Application Optimizes Lead Conversions, built on the Google Cloud Platform – CASE STUDY

In the era of Big Data, many enterprise executives are struggling with the sheer volume of available data and how to transform all that information into intelligence they can use to make the best business decisions. Typically, they try to determine exactly what data is available and then apply it to a specific question or problem. Unfortunately, this is an ineffective strategy, returning only fifty cents on ...

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Inside Google’s Cloud Platform – A report by Deutsche Bank

This report has an in-depth investigation by Deutsche Bank about the Google Cloud Platform and how it compares against established competitors like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Third Eye participated in the due diligence process and is mentioned in the report. Deutsche Bank states: We estimate GCP is at a $400m revenue run-rate, likely growing faster than AWS/Azure but off a much smaller base (AWS may be ...

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